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Our Team


Johnny Nelson | CEO and Founder


Johnny’s entrepreneurial career in the mid-south began in the late 90’s while working in the Technology Department at Office Depot and as loan officer and finance manager for Regions and Sun Trust banks. He has also been a freelance musician for over 20 years and a successful music producer for over 15 years and involved in numerous marketing and production projects. He received his Associates Degree in Finance from Southwest Tennessee Community College in 2005, his Bachelor’s Degree in Management from Kaplan University in 2011, and his Master’s Degree in Education in 2014. With his combination of knowledge of technology, media development, m management, and education, he works to lead a team of innovative and creative thinkers to bring new products and services to your convenience.



Our Culture


We focus on innovation and continuous improvement in our products and with our people. Our entrepreneurial roots lead us to ask tough questions and work hard to find true solutions. We believe that to create great products and services, to continually bring value to the media and education industries, we have to deliver products and services that promote family and unity in the community. We will strive to continue to encourage an environment of continuous learning and growth that will be passed on to generation after genearation.

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